Brendan McClenahan, Director of Cyclical WM

Brendan McClenahan, Director of Cyclical WM

Cyclical West Michigan

Brendan McClenahan

There are so many gifted leaders in the West Michigan area who are doing amazing things and I love that I get to come alongside them, serve them, and help them discern what God is doing in their context.

In 2013, Rachel and I were living in West Michigan and began exploring the idea of starting a church in Southern California. We flew out, scouted out communities and talked to local leaders, but without a community of discernment or other existing support networks on the ground it felt impossible. After much prayer, we realized this wasn’t the right timing for us.

Meanwhile, back in West Michigan, something new began to sprout up. We were approached by another couple desiring something more for their faith life. We were accompanied by other local leaders who encouraged us to start and gave us tools and frameworks to help support the vision. Before we knew it, a worshiping community had developed right in our midst.

With so many amazing churches already existing in West Michigan, it could be easy to assume that the Spirit has moved on to other territory. But something new is happening here, too. We may have to take off our familiar lenses, but if we look carefully we will see the Spirit equipping leaders to take the gospel to new and unexpected corners of our cities and neighborhoods. I’m so excited to get behind those leaders by connecting them to people and resources that can empower them to cultivate the new churches God is starting in West Michigan.