“Cyclical has provided a safe and nurturing environment with lots resources of knowledge and strategies for people like me.”

Elizabeth Chu, Discerning Church Starter

“If it takes a tribe to raise a child, then it takes a network to raise a church.”

Cory Marquez, Founding Pastor of New Abbey


Our team identifies and supports regions that are interested in starting new churches and new worshiping communities.

We do this by partnering to create systems that empower discerning church starters, church starters and existing churches as they join the mission of God through the natural and historical lifecycle of starting new churches. This growing collective of regions is an ecumenical community that share in a common culture and priority of contextualization created to thoughtfully start new churches.


Learn more about each part of the cycle


The cycle begins with discernment. Specifically, it begins with discerning a call to starting a new church.



The second stage of our threefold cycle of starting new churches is dedicated to the starters. The practitioners. The ones who have done the work of discernment and have begun the work of starting a new church.


Discerners become starters and starters start churches. These churches, as time passes, and as God blesses, move into moments of sustainability.